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Fund managers

Please outline expectations for fund managers who partner with you.
  • All you need to do is sign up so that we know who you are, what your strategy is, and the type of investor that you are.
  • From there it is easy. As the opportunities come in we will reach out to the managers that fit the bill and make sure you get a showing.
  • We will communicate via email several times a year and ask for additional details from time to time, so you will need to allow us to send marketing emails to you in order to receive news about opportunities as they arise.
Do you offer any support services to fund managers?

Absolutely. Our business is based on connecting diverse managers with everything that they need to succeed.

Please outline the specific criteria that female-led fund managers must meet to be considered for partnership.

Our goal at Inclusive AM is to build the largest database of diverse managers in the world, to make sure that with every capital opportunity, diverse managers are considered. Our clients, institutional allocators, and multi-manager platforms alike all have different requirements and interests, and as such each search we do is different. In order to be included in the database and be considered for opportunities as they arise, you simply need to:

  • Be a woman or minority fund manager
  • Have investment or trading experience at a licensed firm

We are interested in established and up-and-coming talent.

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Most commonly asked questions

Could you briefly describe an overview of the investment process, including how it sources аnd evaluates potential investments, how it conducts due diligence, and how it ultimately makes investment decisions?
  • The process for each project is different based on the parameters of what the institutional investors are looking for. We have our own proprietary database of diverse managers. Then based on the work scope we filter to find those that fit the criteria of the specific search. When we have a suitable number of candidates based on the quantitative data we commence our qualitative research. This is when we start to get to know our managers and better understand who they are, their investment strategy, what makes them different from the market etc.
  • The more information we have on a manager the better we can meet the needs of our clients, but all that is needed in an initial sense is some basic information about you, your fund and your strategy. If you fit the bill for any of our searches. From there we can start a search and if you fit the criteria we will be in contact to get more information as appropriate.

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