Change goes where capital flows.

About us

We are Inclusive AM

Inclusive AM is a consulting firm focused on changing the face of the asset management industry.

We do this by giving visibility to diverse investment talent and helping them to access wider networks to improve their chances at success.

The Asset Management industry favours larger fund managers as they are deemed less risky. The problem is, as assets under management grow, returns tend to decrease incrementally.

This means that new innovative fund managers never make it to scale and investment returns are stifled by size.

We want to change that and as we know, change goes where capital flows.

As it so happens, women and minorities are overrepresented in top quartile performance yet end up managing one cent in the dollar.

This presents an exceptional opportunity for allocators greater diversity in their portfolios. Inclusive AM works with diverse managers to change the demographics of the industry.

For whom

Diversity is additive

Inclusive AM works with women and minority managers, and with institutions looking for diverse talent.

We believe that fund managers from diverse backgrounds will offer different perspectives that will result in better, financial, economic, and social outcomes.

Our goal is to see diverse candidates in the lineup whenever there is a mandate to be awarded.

Female Fund Managers
Minority Fund Managers
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How it works

Find the people who believe what you believe

We are here to help you succeed, by connecting you to the right people. The ones who believe in the value of diversity. By joining our database we can help to find those people who believe what you believe.
Diverse Fund Managers

We help diverse fund managers to succeed by:

- Helping you to grow your network
- Building their visibility
- Access to speaking opportunities
- Developing your narrative
- Access to industry leaders


We help institutions find diverse talent:

- DEI Advisory
- Consulting
- Customised solutions
- Research projects
- Access to emerging and diverse talent


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